Correspondence Courses – CNET issues

With most NSCC units still unable to access the CNET grading website for Sea Cadet correspondence courses, many cadets are unable to get their grades.  Two important points for units to remember:

  • Cadets, keep turning your assignments in!  You’re supposed to do at least one course per year.
  • Leaders, you can mark the course “completed” for purposes of advancement on the date that the cadet turned in the last assignment of the course.  This of course, will require you to grade the course once the system eventually comes back online.
  • For NSCC CPO and PO1 promotions ONLY:  When recommending a cadet for promotion to PO1 or CPO, Commanding Officers should forward copies of the PO1 or CPO answer sheets to me.    I will grade the CPO/PO1 course and email you (the CO) the cadet’s certificate needed for the promotion package to HQ.
Obviously, let’s continue to hope the site comes back online ASAP…

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