NEW POLICIES: Child Safety and Facebook Use

Yesterday, we had our first Region 1-1 “Wardroom” meeting, with almost all of our unit leaders present.  It was a great opportunity for us to get in the same room and discuss goals, plans and objectives for 2013.

During the meeting, two new new policies were issued:

1.  Massachusetts CORI Law.  The NSCC is now in full compliance with the Massachusetts CORI law by requiring that all volunteers must pass a CORI background check prior to being enrolled in the NSCC in Massachusetts.  Current volunteers will receive regular checks (every two years).  This is just one more step we are taking to ensure that cadets are being cared for by competent, qualified adult volunteers.  Click here for a copy of the policy.

2.  Proper use of Social Media (Facebook, MySpace, etc.).   As a youth program structured along military lines, we have to keep the boundaries in place between adults and cadets, whether at drill or outside of drill.  We also have to recognize that while WE have a terrific group of adult leaders, the reality is that there have been incidents in other programs and/or schools where social media has been used for illicit purposes.  We have to make sure this doesn’t happen to us.

So, I am directing that within Region 1-1, adults and cadets should NOT be “friends” on Facebook.  Any current relationships of that nature must be deleted unless the adult is also the parent or close family relative of the cadet.  This policy patterns that adopted by many school districts and other youth programs, and I feel very strongly that we must do this to protect against unmonitored communications between adults and cadets, who are obviously children.

What is 100% good and positive are the unit Facebook PAGES (such as my own Region 1-1 Facebook page!) that allow for public information to be issued online but do not require adults and cadets to be “friends”.

Though I realize this policy will require some adjustment in our practices, I am grateful to our unit leaders for understanding the reason for doing this, and for taking a positive attitude towards this action.  Click here for a copy  of the policy.


We have a tremendous group of volunteers, who are all doing great work for our cadets.  Thanks to all who contribute to the mission.


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