NSCC Honor Ribbon

NSCC Honor Ribbon

Hello everybody,

Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting the NSCC Honor Ribbon, our program’s second-highest award, to one of our unit’s Commanding Officers.  LTJG Bill Dockham was a medical volunteer at the Boston Marathon’s finish line when – feet from where he was standing – the two bombs went off.  He stayed and helped treat the victims at the risk of his own life, and for that he was recognized.

The NSCC Honor Ribbon is “a

warded to an NSCC officer, midshipman, instructor, or NSCC/NLCC cadet who i

s directly responsible for saving a human life at the risk of his or her own life.

This ribbon will be issued by NHQ ONLY upon recommendation through the Chain of Command to the Executive Director.”  See NSCC Awards Manual at page 17.

Here’s LTJG Dockham’s citation:

2013-04 Honor Ribbon Copy_Page_2

Here are a few pictures:




Bill and the staff of Squadron 7-Zulu have done an outstanding job.  I have never seen as many cadets filling the classroom, and the cadet leadership is terrific too.


  1. LCDR Stannard, NSCC- Dealey Div.

    BZ LTJG Dockham! Dealey Division sends congratulations on your award and thanks for your heroic deeds.

  2. stacy hortaridis

    It does not surprise me that this man did this. This program is amazing and so are the people in it.

  3. Robert Smith

    Nautilus SSN-571 Division has many cadets who have learned from you and received your care at RTC. I wish to extend a hearty Congratulations to you on your recent award. BZ!!
    LCDR Smith

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