New England Region 1-1 Policies

These documents are official policies of New England Region 1-1. These instructions are standing orders; unit CO’s and training COTC’s are ultimately responsible for ensuring all officers, instructors and cadets under their command are in compliance.

Inst. No.: Released: Short Title: Short Description:
INST 01-2013 Jan. 2013 Child Safety and Mandatory Adult Background Checks

Encl. (1) – MA Laws., ch. 6, § 172H
Encl. (2) – CORI Authorization Form
Implements Massachusetts state law regarding mandatory state background checks prior to each adult’s enrollment, re-enrollment, or participation in an a recruit/advanced training.
INST 02-2013 Jan. 2013 Social Media Site (SMS) Policy Establishes safe, public communication between adult volunteers and cadets on social media sites, such as Facebook.