Underway Trip aboard USCGC ESCANABA!

Underway Trip aboard USCGC ESCANABA!

I was very happy to take cadets from two of our Region 1-1 units on board USCGC ESCANABA, a 207-foot Medium Endurance cutter.  The ship left Boston and got underway for a day this past week.

We got to Boston very early, boarded the ship, and got to stand on the bridge during the Navigator’s safety/conning brief, and then were able to interact with the crew throughout the entire trip.  We got to visit the engine room while it was in operation, and even assisted the crew in “plugging in” the HUGE electrical power cables when we docked in Portsmouth.

With NSCC’s recent budget problems, this is the type of locally-arranged training we will need to develop to get through the lean times.  Thankfully, we have found willing partners within the Coast Guard all across the Boston area.

Thanks to the crew of ESCANABA who really went out of their way to set this up and make us feel welcome.

You can see the pictures, and a short video, on my Region Facebook page!

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