Digital Media

Fort Devens, MA
15 July – 22 July 2023

Training Information:

  • Magellan Training Code: RJ-MA-2301
  • Location: Fort Devens, MA
  • Training Dates: July 15, 2023, to July 22, 2023
  • Ribbon Requirements: None. Previously there was a requirement, but we have cancelled this to allow enrollment to be more accessible.
  • Training Requirement: E-2 (Seaman Apprentice) or above

Rental cameras will be provided for this Training.

Training Summary:

  • Get hands-on and in the middle of the action at Sea Cadets Digital Media! Cadets will learn key skills in photography, videography, social media, digital marketing, print publication, graphic design, article writing, and the fine art of storytelling. Cadets will be in the field, practicing a “learn-do-learn” model to hone their new craft. Materials generated will be posted to our NHQ social media pages and our Seafarer Magazine and used by units nationwide!
  • The focus of this course is to teach modern tactics in Public Affairs so that units/trainings can market themselves better to the general public. Cadets will learn from experienced Public Affairs staff and take media of the concurrent Recruit Training at Fort Devens. Cadets will learn and apply techniques in real-time by publishing and promoting the trainings on Sea Cadets’ National Social Media pages.
  • Coursework is based on the U.S. Navy’s Mass Communication Specialist, Non-Resident Training Course Booklet
  • Guest Speakers include active/reserve/retired military personnel, college professors, and professionals in the field of journalism!
  • You will spend more time in the field taking photos/videos than in a classroom! Be ready to be tired at the end of the day after being in the field all day!
  • Rotating shifts of 3 Cadets each will document the happenings at RT, with a third team to serve as “media producers” at our “newsroom.”
  • Training is capped at 9 Sea Cadets and 1 Staff Cadet. We will not accept more Cadets due to the training focusing around leading and running a small media team!
  • This course is the “East” edition of Digital Media, held at Fort Devens, Massachusetts (Summer) and Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island (Winter). The “West” edition of Digital Media is held at Camp Williams, Utah (Summer and Winter).