Here in New England, we’re proud to be one of the most active areas for NSCC/NLCC training opportunities.

Recruit Training

Recruit Training is a requirement for a cadet’s first promotion, and a per-requisite for attending any other NSCC training.  Recruit Training Command New England (RTC-NE) turns new NSCC Recruits into disciplined, confident, team-oriented, basically trained Cadets.  For information on this coming summer’s “boot camp,” click here.

Advanced Training (AT)

Regional leaders also sponsor several advanced training courses for junior and senior cadets.  Check out our annual Petty Officer Leadership Academy, Master-at-Arms Law Enforcement Academy, Emergency Medicine Seminar, and Digital Media/Photo-Journalism Training.

Officer Training

We sponsor regular officer professional development (OPD) courses to acclimate new volunteers to NSCC policies.  This training ensures our volunteers are fully qualified to handle matters such as youth safety, general unit readiness, administration, and financial management.  For information about the latest OPD class, click here.