Officer Professional Development

Volunteer* Professional Development


September 30, 2017 (0800 – 1400)
US Coast Guard Base
427 Commercial Street, Boston, Massachusetts


* Yes, it’s called “Officer Professional Development,” but OPD is not just for officers! Instructors, midshipmen, and auxiliarists are welcome!

As of August 9, the training events are now live on the Magellan sign-up page!  The codes are:

  • OPD 101: N1-MA-1701
  • OPD 201: N2-MA-1701
  • OPD 301: N3-MA-1701

Attention New England Sea Cadet volunteers (and prospective volunteers):


Details: Sign up for the next OPD 101, 201, or 301 course, which will be held at the US Coast Guard base, 427 Commercial Street, Boston, on Saturday, September 30, 2017. These one-day courses are required for your professional development. They contain important information and techniques to help you run truly great Sea Cadet units! Furthermore, the OPD 101 course (along with other requirements) is required to serve as a chaperone (escort officer) at any USNSCC recruit/advanced training.


Which Course to Pick: You should typically take the OPD courses in order (101, followed by 201, followed by 301). OPD 101 is meant for instructors or midshipmen within their first year in the program. It is particularly helpful for those with no prior USNSCC or military experience. OPD 201 is intended for all volunteers who have completed OPD 101, especially volunteers who have assumed some level of responsibility within the unit. OPD 301 is designed for unit Commanding Officers and Executive Officers, but is open to any who have completed both OPD 101 and 201. If you aren’t sure which course to pick, ask your unit Commanding Officer.


How to sign up: Tell your unit Commanding Officer that you’d like to attend. He or she will register you on Magellan and issue you orders.


Travel Allowance: You may be entitled to a travel allowance of “$45 per day of training or $0.50 per mile (driver only), whichever is greater. No allowance shall exceed $400.” See Information Letter 09-17 Enclosure (4) (Tip: go to page 23 of the PDF to jump to this travel policy).


Questions? LCDR Matthew P. Landry, NSCC, is available by e-mail at No phone calls, please.